Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Helen Braid's A FAMILIAR VOICE Poetry & Prose. A review...

A FAMILIAR VOICE POETRY & PROSE by Helen Braid, published October 2013

A Familiar Voice is wrapped so deliciously, you immediately know it is something to treasure. 

This treasure from the sea is covered, and tied in twine, with braided border and its artwork so fine. I love mine. 

If quiet with a few minutes to spare, out my copy of 
A Familiar Voice comes. 

Over the months, I've gotten to know the charming poetry and prose it holds quite well. 

The attention to detail. 

How it is so beautifully observed with imagery to carry you along. 

Indeed, poetry so haunting that it transports the seascape to you wherever you may reside. 

This first published collection is treasure that you will want to keep. For raw talent like this ought to be collected.

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