Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Contented Baby's Record Book - A review.


Hardback book: My Contented Baby's Record Book
Author: Gina Ford
Published: January 2014 by Vermillion
Price: £9.99
Available from: All good book shops, and online

Do you know that I never kept a book for either of the girls, regards their meeting milestones? 

Probably due to all that screaming and because I was so busy trying to work out which way was up, that buying one of those books and writing down the date that Esme got her first tooth, or that Sofia first spoke a word, just didn't enter into it. 

My memories of them when they were small, are not all that precious I'm afraid. It has been no secret that I wished both the time and their infancy away. 

Mine were never contented babies, so how was I ever supposed to keep a contented baby record book?

Of course now that they are both over their allergies and pain and screaming, and are frankly both so delicious, I look back and yes, regret not having a book of the first-year milestones for each of them.

I suppose that's why I took an interest in writing a review of the recently published My Contented Baby's Record Book by Gina Ford. (Yes Gina Ford, controversial author of numerous baby sleep books, who to my mind, makes a lot of sense, and is the infant routine queen. Perhaps that's the trained nanny in me?).

Anyway, like her or loathe her, this hardback book of Ford's is one that will appeal to all new parents - okay, probably mummies. For here she is not showing you how to rear your children. She is simply helping you celebrate them.

My Contented Baby's Record Book is gorgeously presented, subtle in its use of colour and design, with simple yet exquisite illustrations by the talent that is Silkie Lloyd.

I love that the front and back inside covers are scattered in stars, as if the books eventual content will be somehow celestial - which of course, to any new parent, it will be.

From first smile to first steps, Ford has remembered everything as far as the first year of a baby is concerned. All the stuff as a mother you imagine you will never forget but somehow do!

I also have to say that the book is very good quality, and therefore, reasonably priced. 


I can't find any negatives to write about as far as this particular product is concerned.

When your children are older, you might find like me, that you wish you had taken the time to record the significant details from their babyhood. With the My Contented Baby's Record Book you can. Here is a beautiful keepsake in which to treasure your little one's milestones. And something surely all parents will find interesting to look back upon.

(I was sent this product for free, but my opinions/views are all my own).  For more info, please view my disclosure statement.

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