Thursday, 30 January 2014


I know, I know, the GraceFaith blog has taken it slow lately. Well we've all been sick. You know it's been literally one thing after another? More snot than you could ever know what to do with. Sinusitis. Tonsilitis. Oh and headlice. 

Yeah, can you believe they made a come back? Seriously, imagine my horror when one sizeable beastie, jumped off the comb at me. Ugh. I think we have it all under control now. But who can say? Esme Grace is wearing her gorgeous hair in plaits to school, but still the little blighters are managing to find their way home with her occasionally. And after witnessing one jump, it is easy to see how. 

What we need in this situation is clearly a government funded and media moved 'NIT DAY.' Or National Insect Take away Day. One single day, where the entire parenting/caring for kids populace, arm themselves with a hefty bottle of FREE decontaminator and blitz the bloody lot. It should of course be declared a national holiday. And rather wonderfully, it would have to be repeated seven days later. Perhaps then, that might disinfest all. Who's in?!