Friday, 3 January 2014

Christmas 2013 & a tale of two winds

It was windy in our home after such an unusual amount of brussel sprouts had been chomped by all the family - apparently I'm not only coming round to the funny little cabbage balls these days, but actually enjoying them. Add to that the swede and many other gaseous vegetables that were consumed on the big day, and well, wind? I'd say there was more than enough to knock a small child over in our lounge. (Or was that simply Mummy having had too much Prosecco?). 

Far more substantial however, was the wind that was busy knocking everything over outside, and indeed still blows as I sit here tapping away on the keyboard. (I have missed my computer by the way).

I'm also going to miss the oldie stylie red telephone box that resides on our lane if they don't repair it. The door was ripped off its hinges in the first big storm Christmas eve. There were countless trees down around us and all shops were shut - on what I'm sure must be the busiest day of the year for small town local traders. 

We were the lucky ones with power. Many of our lane were without. Fortunately lots of friends were away with family. You don't realise how much you take the basics for granted do you, until...? 

As I contemplate the basics and prematurely pressing publish on this post, a haze gathers at my feet where the two girls sit playing. One has filled her nappy and the other has just done what here we affectionately term 'windy pops'. 

Happy new year one and all, albeit a stormy one. 
Keep safe.