Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Are you aware? March is ovarian cancer month

53 women in the UK will be diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer today… 
And 21 will die. The Eve Appeal is trying to change this.

Launched in 2005, The Eve Appeal is the only national gynaecological cancer research charity, raising funds for research and saving lives from these diseases: cervical, vulval, vaginal, womb and ovarian cancer. 

The month of March is ovarian cancer month. The key signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer are:

Persistent pelvic and abdominal pain
Increased abdominal size/persistent bloating - not bloating that comes and goes
Difficulty eating and feeling full quickly
Urinary symptoms - needing to pass urine urgently or more often than usual

If any of the above symptoms occur frequently i.e. more than 12 times a month, this can suggest ovarian cancer. Occasionally there can be other symptoms such as:

Constantly feeling tired
Unexplained weight loss
Changes in bowel habit

If any of these symptoms appear and are not normal for you, it is important that you see your G.P. It is unlikely that the symptoms are caused by a serious problem, but it is always important to get checked out. 

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