Friday, 28 March 2014

Sun and sensibility

I worked as a nanny for years, holidaying in the sunshine, playing on the beach with my charges. And then, when I was nannying in London, I would pop to tanning salons occasionally so as to prolong my 'healthy' glow through the Winter. (Until we got back on a plane to somewhere hot again).

When I wasn't nannying I spent a long time travelling. Following the sun from continent to continent. 

I grew up in Portsmouth, and Summer after Summer was spent on Southsea beach, playing and picnicking.

Now I sit here with three stitches in my back where I had a mole removed last week and I'm realising that most of those years, staying safe in the sunshine, was far from my mind. 

I'm sure it is fine but I'm a little unnerved. And that's why I've written the next post...

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