Thursday, 20 March 2014

I know I know...

... I've already been told, you are all left wondering what happened? Was the house on fire for real? Where is part two?! Well, I'm sorry, I can't put you out of your misery yet. I've still to write the piece. The good news is, I'm sitting in my kitchen - and that's all fine. 

Goodness, I cannot complain can I?! Work is all good and I have been busy with other deadlines - and a recent night away to the fabulous 4* hotel Tylney Hall (review to come after publication of piece), not to mention, being a mum to my two adorable girls, planning a golden wedding anniversary do for my parents this weekend, and helping my more than fit mother get through her recent diagnosis of angina -she's going under the knife soon for a heart valve replacement, making my removal of a dodgy looking mole tomorrow, all seem rather trite. 

So forgive my tardy blog posting this week, I'm just living my LIFE AS IT IS, all the while building on more and more entries to keep you lovely bunch of readers (hopefully) entertained. 


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