Friday, 6 February 2015

LIFE AS IT IS Changes its URL - was that smart or stupid?

LIFE AS IT IS changes its URL and becomes

I finally went and did it.

Changed my 1grace1faith url to something else.



Because I happen to write about Life As It Is. (And Joe Public doesn't necessarily know that my girls are blessed with the beautiful middle names of Grace and Faith).

But also because I would like to have a name that not only reflects my blog, but is one that people can connect to.

That is more user friendly.

Easier for others to remember.

That will up my SEO, and opportunities and all those things.

But mainly because I write about LIFE AS IT IS. I figured it made more sense.

It was a lot easier than I imagined it would be. It was right here all along in the settings on blogger.

But what was simple in as much as it was a click of a button, has already had many repercussions. The fact that my business cards need updating is the least of it. Everything needs updating. Every page that says 1grace1faith. is now lost.

I haven't got the time, inclination or patience to begin with redirects on each and every url over the last 2.5 years... who has?

Instead, I will post a lot of my earlier stuff again. And enjoy doing so too, as most of it didn't have an audience back then anyway. Save a few of you. And most of it - not having an audience - was some of the best stuff I ever wrote.

So was it a smart or stupid thing to do? Only time will tell.

I suppose all in all, it was a risk to have done this.

But, what the hell.

Risks can be good.

And that's Life.

As It Is.

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