Sunday, 1 February 2015

The honest truth about having kids - for the GraceFaith girls

The honest truth about having kids is...

(I do think a little counter-balance is what’s needed now).

So my girls, just for you, let me add:

The best thing about having you two children in my life, is that I never realised how much I would and could love you. 

When I think that I was never really sure I wanted to have children... everyday, it simply astonishes me, that I may not have had you. Especially as you complete me so.

And bring me such a tremendous sense of pride. 

And make me smile.

I've found strengths I never knew I had, because of you both. 

And I realise the lengths I'd go to, to protect you both. 

To have you feel safe and secure. 



Yes my life as it is, is better because of you.

For having you two children in it. 

My girls. 

My beautiful girls that I love so much.

Thank you.

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