Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Vintage Blanket by iCandy - A review

When iCandy asked LIFE AS IT IS to review one of their luxurious baby blankets, I had to take them up on the offer. Even if the proud owner would already be 3 and a 1/4 years of age.


The Vintage Blanket by iCandy
Designed in: Two colour options - pink or blue
Available from: iCandy & other leading outlets
Made from: 80% lambswool and 20% nylon
Priced: £80
Machine washable: Yes
Dimensions: 100cm x 78cm

iCandy have launched accessories. Good for them. And clearly good for us too. For as is usual with this special baby brand, the i for detail is second to none.

A family run business, iCandy was born when it's founder (and Grandfather) began a fashion company in 1933. Hardly surprising then, that the subsequent generation of the iCandy family, are now creating fabulous and fashionable blankets and bags to accompany their (i)catching fleet of pushchairs and prams.

Clearly iCandy's establishment however, does not for one minute mean that they are traditionalist. No, this brand is all about setting the trend. And they have come up with some brilliant products along the way, just check out this post (one of my most popular according to my page stats), to get an idea of another of iCandy's very successful range. Meanwhile, back to the Blanket review...

It was Christmas morning when Sofia Faith found her gift of the blanket under the tree. (It was so special, I had to do something equally special with it). It is beautifully presented in a carry case, and wrapped in a satin tape measure ribbon. Nice touch.

Fia opened up the box and pulled the blanket out, cuddling into it straight away. Her serious look here, indicates the serious level of snuggle approval! 

This blanket is special, and right from the off, she totally understood that. It has been a great comfort to her ever since - and Fia has slept with it night and day. 

LIFE AS IT IS was sent the Vintage blanket in pink, which actually is a two-tone of pink and red stripes, set off with a hint of blue in the knit too. 


The design, colour, feel and quality is gorgeous.

The Vintage Blanket can be machine washed. I've washed it loads now, and it has maintained its luxurious look and feel.

It is beautifully practical from a seasonal thermostat point of view - being lambswool it is a textile that is warm in Winter and cool in the Summer.

The little box the blanket comes in, is a useful carry case, which we now store Fia's ballet kit in.

It has discreet and innovative tabs allowing parents to attach the blanket to a pushchair, thus making the annoyance of running over your baby blanket a thing of the past.

It really didn't take long to work out this is one of the most expensive baby blankets available on the market. But it also didn't take long to realise that with the Vintage Blanket, you get what you pay for, in this case, lambswool and exceptional quality. Still you might want to know, iCandy also do a range of baby blankets for half the price of this one. A fave of mine is the Bubbleknit in vibrant orange - 100% cotton. 

Make no mistake the iCandy baby blanket is a luxury item. But as always, you get what you pay for and who wouldn't want their baby to have the best? Perhaps a grandparent? What a wonderful baby gift it would make. It is beautiful, and, will provide baby (or indeed any aged little one) with a soft, warm environment that is perfect for use any time of year. In short, the iCandy Blanket is a charming addition to a child's everyday essentials. 

Life As It Is/Emma Oliver, received a Vintage Pink iCandy blanket, in exchange for this review. 
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