Saturday, 28 February 2015

LIFE AS IT IS - This week in... February 2015


This week in February 2015... 

...I discovered that the architect we just employed likes a chat; that ailing fish need mushy peas; my youngest - who has great designs on Banksy - is unable to physically hear at the moment due to mountainous clumps of ear wax; that my father is well again after a double clot on the lung; that my husband is my reason for being; and, that my children are my life.

No matter how much I jest about the last one in that par, I have to say it is true. The love I have for my children, and the inherent protective wraparound I dress them in each morning and evening that they unknowingly wear, the smiles they bring me, and the utter chaos they provide; I love it all and they are my world.

Meanwhile as Dad recovers from a pulmonary embolism, this week I reflect upon and realise, the love that I have for my parents too. The importance of parents. How lucky I am to have them both in my life. In the children's lives. Still. (I say that as if they are golden oldies - they're not. They are in their early seventies with many happy years yet ahead of them). But what with mum's serious heart op a few months ago, and Dad's recent illness, I'm seeing my life and my family with renewed clarity.

I thank my husband for the power we share to communicate. For the love we share and the life we share. And our children. How lucky we are to all have love in our lives. For love is all important.

In a previous post, I harped on about nurturing my children's ability to love themselves, for loving oneself, is undoubtedly where happiness - and the ability to love in return - starts.

This week's love scrutiny must be down to facing my parents mortality - yet perhaps it is genetically part of the ageing process for all of us? Only in my forties, and as a mother of two, do I recognise the fact that for absolutely each and every one of us, communication and love are key to happiness.

And having worked that out, now all I have to do is work Fia's ear wax out. I have been giving olive oil drops to her three times daily, in the hopes that at some point, great globules would appear on her pillow. Not that I look forward to finding this in her bed, but in many ways, it would be an improvement on what I found this morning... please note exhibit (a) - and no, no matter how much you tell me it did Sofia Faith, the bunny definitely did not do it. And anyway, what exactly have you done with the pen? Where is it kid? Own up. No. I know bunny did not eat it.

Exhibit (a)

Communication + love = happiness


Tracy said...

Such a beautiful post! The love for your family shines through.
Wishing your dad a speedy recovery. X

Emma Oliver said...

Thank you Tracy. It doesn't always, but trust me, they are my life! x