Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Britmums Xmas gathering...

...Was fab! I walked in on a veritable smorgasbord and lots of twinkly table decorations. Two beautiful reindeer I seem to recall. Oh, and smiley mums galore - before and after the vino (hic!) and some brilliant turkey tips if you are so inclined. And apparently you are, as Executive Chef of Product Development at Morrisons, Neil Nugent said, it is still the 'in' thing to have on the Christmas table - just don't use foil when cooking it. (Yes, there was an audible gasp at that mention).

Anyway, being a Britmum affair virgin, I was delighted to discover that along with the wonderful goodie-bags - gingerbread men and glittery Christmas cards to name two of the gifts, the Britmums themselves, Susanna and Jen are also sweet and sparkly. I loved that not just the hosts, but the entire room was so friendly and welcoming. I met some really lovely people. I'm inspired to work with The Lullaby Trust at some point off the back of it too.

So cheers! Thank you for a lovely time out from my day job… my LIFE AS IT IS with two small children. A two-year-old that currently contains the same amount of mucous as a wet garden full of slippery slugs and snails, and a 5YO that can't stand still, let alone sit still. Oh well. Look on the bright side. The youngest has lost her voice. Trust me, you don't know how wonderful that is! See you soon.