Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Classroom chat

The teacher was actually brilliant. Simon and I feel so much better for having a chat with her. I think too, it's good to have raised awareness at this stage regarding Esme's poor level of concentration.

The teacher reiterated that Esme was aware of what had been asked of her, even though she had been day dreaming, and in this way, it was not appearing to affect her. Similarly, it was not affecting any of the other children in class. Basically, we should let her be.

I'm just happy that now that it has been addressed at school, it can be observed over the coming weeks/ months.

The teacher recommended that I come in and help in the classroom once a week if possible. I'm happy with that. A big part of Esme's problem has been centred around her fear of missing me while she was at school.

We spoke about socially, how Esme is struggling. Perferring to play alone a lot. That she could do with being buddied up with another child of a similar ability. I'm happy with that too, as long as Esme is. 

And much to my relief, I've had no tears from Esme so far this week. Let's see how that goes. 

I am wondering too if having talked to Esme about the fact that when she is at school, Sofia and I do not get up to anything exciting has helped? I think Esme thought we were having a grand old time of it. I pointed out that we only really do amazing things like pottery in the school holidays - so that she can be involved too. She really thought she was missing out. 

I suppose I ought to have thought about saying something along those lines sooner.

Being a mum. Argh! It is the hardest thing in the world. Meantime, as far as Esme's poor concentration, I have another trick up my sleeve. Well, I hope so anyway.

Look I'll keep you posted.