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Nappy rash cure? I try an in-house experiment (3)

Ten days ago I set out on an experiment here at home. The method was simple. To trial new nappies and nappy cream on Sofia Faith (my teething 2YO). You can recap here on my thoughts prior to starting out.

Fast forward and I am absolutely delighted with the results. Not that Sofia little miss grumpy guts seems to share my delight. For today she has had such a sore mouth, she has found it difficult to talk. Her gums are so inflamed, her drool, constant. Her temper short.

What is easier for her though… is her bottom. Thank goodness. The Naty nappies and cream have helped; significantly. Her teething acidic poo remains, but her angry red rash has gone. I am so impressed.

You can read my review of the Naty Eco Rash Cream here. Meanwhile, read on for my review of the Naty nappies & pull-ups… oh and a word to the nappy buying wise: Do read to the end, there's a Naty prize up for grabs that could make your LIFE AS IT IS a little bit easier.


NAPPY PRICES: From New Born (£3.99) to XL (£6.49).  
NAPPY SIZES: 1-6 (New Born to XL).
PULL-UP SIZES: 4,5 & 6 (Maxi, Junior, XL). 
AVAILABLE FROM: All leading supermarkets. 
For a full list of stockists click here 
SUITABLE FOR: Infants; newborn to potty trained

The UK produces 8 million used disposable nappies a day. This costs the taxpayer £40 million a year. In an ever-producing nation, surely using a greener alternative is the only way forward?


Naty nappies/pull-ups are eco-friendly. They are 100% fragrance and perfume free and recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. When you use them, you will understand why. For a start, it's the way they look and feel. There's no coating of plastic. And they don't smell like other nappy brands do, i.e. chemically laden.  

No bright colours. No chlorine. No absorbing gel. No hidden nasties. Instead, they are white with a small green motif print, representing nature; really attractive, oh, and they're soft! 

We trialled nappies and pull-ups, and Sofia looked comfortable in bothThe tapes on the nappies were re-usable and both the nappy and pull-up lasted well. No doubt down to their magic ingredient... 

Naty's secret to eco friendly nappies, is cornstarch. Which is basically as effective as plastic, but better than plastic, allowing baby's bottom to breathe while soaking up urine. 

Quite remarkable is the fact that Naty is the most sustainable nappy in the UK; made from an incredible 70% biodegradable, natural, renewable materials.  

You may assume that using this greener alternative may cost you? But actually, Naty's recommended retail price is on a par with other leading nappies. It sounds too good to be true doesn't it? I guess the thing is, you won't ever find Naty on offer as you might other brands. But then, if you are helping your baby's bottom as well as the environment, surely you end up getting three for one anyway? 


When it comes to ripping the sides of the pull-ups (great tip if they are soiled), I found using Naty tougher than other pull-up brands. Every time I did so, I managed to ping Sofia's skin with the elasticated material. I think it's because Naty products are so well made, just beware! 


I cannot believe that in only ten days of using Naty nappies and eco rash cream, Sofia's nappy rash has disappeared. Especially as I know she continues to cut back teeth.

I'm guessing Sofia Faith's healed bottom is down to using a combination of the Naty Eco Rash Cream and the Naty nappies. But I'm wondering if the nappies alone would make a difference, certainly when it came to preventing nappy rash? A nappy that allows air to get to your baby's bottom, and allows the skin to breathe, is frankly genius.

My verdict of the Naty nappies and pull-ups is that they are great. That they do work. And not only are they healthier for Sofia's skin, but they also help the environment. 

Naty claims that if we use their nappies and rash cream on a regular basis, our little ones should never suffer with red bottoms again. I'm pleased to report that the results of my in-house experiment, enable me to endorse this statement. Oh how very refreshing!

FOOTNOTE: I would like to add here that there are three basic steps for any carer to consider when it comes to preventing nappy rash.
1) Change your baby's nappy frequently.
2) Let your baby's bottom 'air' for as long as possible each day.
3) Cleanse your baby's skin properly, patting it dry with a clean towel.

(I was sent these products for free, but my opinions/views are all my own). For more info, please view my disclosure statement.


Naty by Nature Babycare has teamed up with Life As It Is to give away a week’s supply of eco disposable nappies to one lucky winner.

Designed to be healthier for your baby’s delicate skin than standard disposable nappies, Naty’s nappies contain a natural cornstarch leakage barrier which allows baby’s skin to breathe naturally whilst keeping them dry, causing less irritation, and protecting them from harmful bacteria and pathogens. 

Recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association, the nappies are fragrance free and the pulp used is Totally Chlorine Free (TCF). Healthier for the environment too, Naty’s disposable nappies are based on biodegradable and renewable materials, including FSC certified wood pulp.

Naty are the UK’s greenest disposable nappies widely available on the high street.  Stockists: Waitrose, Ocado, Boots, Mothercare, Sainsbury, Tesco. RRP from £3.99 (depending on pack size). You can find out more about Naty here.

To be in with a chance of winning, take a few moments to leave a comment, sharing with Life As It Is why you would like to win Naty nappies. One winner will be selected, who will receive nappies in the correct size for their baby.


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