Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Nappy rash cure? I try an in-house experiment (1)

The lovely people over at Naty nappies, have sent me some hypo-allergenic nappies and eco cream to try out with my 2yo Sofia, for she is having a tough time at the moment; teething

It's the back molars coming in, causing her so much angst. As a result, she has hideous nappies and a very sore bottom.  

I remember a paediatric consultant telling me that all teething brought was teeth. I disagreed with him vehemently, having nursed many babies during a long nannying career, and having seen the effects teething had on many of them. 

Some of course, had very few symptoms. Those babies, generally were fast to collect teeth; a row of neat little pegs. But others, like my girls, took a long time to get a full set, teething hard; large lumps bringing larger teeth. 

Symptoms included having a temperature, nappy rash, lots of drool (leading to chaffed skin), loss of appetite, and generally feeling unwell, along with the tell tale signs of bright pink cheeks and pulling on ears.

There are a whole host of homoeopathic remedies to try for teething, but even then, I'm not sure that these combat the acid that causes the nappy rash. We've used Ashton and Parsons Infants' powders and chamomilla granules along the way, but I have to admit, I've often found myself resorting to paracetamol in the evening for the girls. (And wine for me).

Anyway, whilst I'm in the throes of sleepless nights and sore gums, I'm hoping the Naty nappies and cream may restore Sofia's bottom, as well as my faith in products which claim to help. Only time will tell. 

100% fragrance and perfume free, i.e. not loaded with chemicals, they come recommended by the SWEDISH ASTHMA AND ALLERGY ASSOCIATION. 

Stay tuned and I'll be sure to keep you posted with a full review on Naty Nappies by Nature Babycare, just as soon as I have the results of my in-house experiment...  

P.S. By the way, the journo in me is planning a feature on babies/children and allergies. Both my girls have had their fair share of allergy problems and ours is a fairly atopic family, so it is something that interests me greatly. 

I'd just like to mention here re that feature, if you are a parent of a child/children living with any allergy issues on a daily basis, I'd love to hear from you. Please email. My blog email is:

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