Saturday, 30 November 2013

Product review: Daddy Pig's Puddle Jump App

Released: Sept 2013 Updated: Nov 2013
Price: £1.49
Available from: iTunes
Compatible: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Age: Pre-school kids & Peppa Pig fans alike

Daddy Pig's Puddle Jump App by Entertainment One with its rich animation, loveable characters and humour, is the latest Peppa Pig game to be released. 


Daddy Pig's Puddle Jump is an instant hit with preschoolers and it is easy to see why. Indeed my 2yo Sofia Faith manages very well with this one tap game, gaining interactive fun by helping either Peppa, George or Daddy Pig to take turns to jump in muddy puddles (boots on of course!). 

I've been glad to have downloaded it, for this particular app has been a useful tool to keep Sofia distracted in times of need, such as this morning when we went to watch Esme in her gymnastics class. 

How handy was it to be able to pull out my iphone and keep the oh-so-mischievous Sofia entertained? She loves Peppa, and of course gets a kick out of using Mummy's phone. Sadly the sound had to be switched off which was a shame, for the audio is (in true Peppa Pig style) highly entertaining.

As well as my 2yo managing the game, Esme my 5yo, totally gets it. Isn't it incredible that a child can instinctively pick up a smart phone and find their way around an age appropriate app so easily? 

She worked through all 15 levels quickly and efficiently and soon became an expert at puddle jumping, loving the lifting the trophy sequence at the end.

The game brought Esme a certain amount of pride. Let's face it though. If her 2yo sister can manage it, it was never going to be that difficult for her now was it? ;-)


You may not find it easy to retrieve your phone from your child, and when you do, the battery is bound to need recharging!


The children and I love this fun and colourful game. Well of course we do, we love Peppa in our house!

Daddy Pig's Puddle Jump is good value for money, and, innocent fun for pre-school peppa pig fans. It has definitely come up trumps for us in times of need.

(I was sent this product for free, but my opinions/views are all my own).  
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Eleanor said...

My daughter loves the Peppa Pig apps and I completely understand not being able to retrieve your phone! She loves the muddy puddles game, too!