Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Best foot forward - Crocs Stretch Sole Flats - A review

How very considerate of Crocs to put a spring in my step this summer season with their newly designed Stretch Sole Flats. I've bounced my way across London Underground to wear them in the office, and I've sauntered through airport lounges to wear them on the beach. Truth is, one shoe really does fit all!

STYLE: Stretch Sole Flats
COLOURS: vibrant violet/orange, espresso/electric blue, khaki/stucco and black/light grey
SIZES: 3-8  
PRICE: £64.99
AVAILABLE FROM: www.crocs.co.uk and selected retailers
IDEAL FOR: Work or play

The idea behind Crocs Stretch Sole Flats is the Fit2U technology. The canvas shoe stretches in all directions and bends like no other. The result? Stretch Sole Flats are said to fit all feet. And perhaps best of all, feel as if you aren't wearing any shoes at all.

The neat design and colours.
That this is a fit everyone design.
The cushioned comfort that flexes with your foot.
That they really do put a spring in your step.
That they are current and fashionable.
That they sponge clean in an instant.
That they look good with everything.
That they are odour resistant.
That you can wear them everywhere.
And particularly, that they're perfect for mums about the town. 

They will draw attention to your toes!

I never thought it would be possible for Crocs to deliver an attractive, fun, comfortable, adult shoe experience. But guess what? They just did.

Emma Oliver and the GraceFaith blog received a pair of Crocs Stretch Sole Flats, in exchange for a review on the parenting/lifestyle blog LIFE AS IT IS

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Anonymous said...

Wish we had the same size feet cuz id be pinching those x

Emma Oliver said...

Get yourself a pair Mrs - gorgeous aren't they?! x

Suzanne W said...

Now I NEVER ever thought I would say this but they're quite nice! If you hadn't told me they were crocs then I wouldn't have believed it. I love the funky, vibrant colours and now I'm the wrong side of 40, anything which is comfortable gets a thumbs up from me!

Emma Oliver said...

Love that last line - aren't we sounding like our mothers! Glad you think so Suzanne. Just goes to show you, Adult Crocs can rock!