Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Peppa Pig World (Paulton's Park) - a review

A trip to Peppa Pig World will complete your Summer   

Yes, that's right... if you didn't already know, Peppa, a very pink and very bossy pig turned Hampshire Hog, has an attraction all of her own. And you should prepare to be as equally enthralled as your tot... But take a towel! 

Peppa Pig World
What: Part of Paulton's Family Theme Park
Where: Ower, near Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 6AL, UK
When: Throughout the summer, daily from 10am -5.30pm
Age appropriate for: 0-6YO's
Phone: (023) 8081 4442
Car park available: Yes - no extra charge
Admission: Adults and children over one metre high from £23.50, Family of four from £90
Wheelchair/pushchair friendly: Yes
Food options: Picnic option or various restaurants with lots of food options
Do not leave without: Sunscreen, Sun hats, Swimmers, Towels, Patience
Optional extras: Picnic, More patience - snort!

From the moment you drive into Paulton's Park, it's quickly apparent that it is huge. Of course, when you have small children this can be overwhelming. Which is why you'll breathe a sigh of relief when you find Peppa Pig World is contained in one corner. All of a sudden, your day with small children, becomes manageable.

Once within, you are transported into the television programme itself. All your senses are alerted to Peppa. Pink. And pretty. To the point that you are surrounded by pastel colours and the delicate Peppa theme tune, which is piped out from flowers everywhere in a rather delightful way. From the word go, both you and your child can't help but fall in love with the entire set-up here.

The world of Peppa is clean. And very bright. Oh and very different to every other children's theme park I've ever been to. It first opened three years ago, yet it still looks brand new. It is well looked after. Plenty of staff are on hand to help, and are happy to do so.

The seven rides available are gentle, age appropriate, and really good. Esme's favourite was the dinosaur ride and Fia's was the boat trip. Mine was a hot air balloon...

The outdoor water play pools and Mr Potato play park areas, are serious fun for children. I was able to sit and watch with glee, while Esme Grace (happy 5YO) and Sofia Faith (mad 2YO) both frolicked and cooled down in the splash. There is also an indoor play zone too.

Our day of course, was only complete once my children had met the host herself... how's this for adoration?

Outside of the pink pig phenomenon, Paulton's Park itself made a great impression. If you have older children, they will love the assortment of mad rides and attractions available; it is home to more than 60 of them.

As my two are still quite young, we settled for one of the more sedate options - although we did go upstairs on the brand new Victorian carousel. Yes, you read that correctly, just look at this for a merry go round!

Long queues, short on patience? Not a great mix. Do be prepared to wait for some of the rides. Might be an idea  if you have little little ones, to have the buggy with you? You can always park and ride. Carry water with you too.

Don't get caught out at the muddy puddle splash pool area. Remember to take swimmers and a towel.

My two didn't wear socks with sandals, and as a consequence did not get to experience the indoor play zone. Keep that in mind if yours want to enter into it, for sock clad feet only are allowed.

The food inside Peppa Pig World isn't up to much, and I'd say a picnic is your best bet - cheaper too. That said, it is only a small hop to all sorts of food options in Paulton's Park, including the brand new restaurant Wildwoods, which more than made up for the fast food options in Peppa's area.

Finally, here is a children's attraction, brilliant for small children, and attractive to all. But not just attractive. Really quite enchanting.

Emma Oliver and the GraceFaith blog girls enjoyed a day out at Peppa Pig World - Paulton's Park, in exchange for a review on the parenting/lifestyle blog LIFE AS IT IS

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Anonymous said...

Great review Emma, you've just persuaded me to take the girls for eldests 5th birthday :-)

Emma Oliver said...

Fab - that's brilliant - you will all get a lot out of it!