Thursday, 12 June 2014

Can't concentrate? I try an in-house experiment (4)

The news from Esme's teacher at the parent conference evening, that Esme (my 5YO) was now able to settle into class of a morning so much better, and remain focused for far longer periods of time, was great to hear.

Yet I was left wondering how much of that was down to the fact that as time had passed, my daughter had settled into her new school year, had settled with her new friends. Not forgetting too, that she had also developed in all areas generally.

I felt I could not be sure it was solely down to the omega oil, and I knew to prove that I'd have to carry out an experiment within an experiment. So I brought Esme off the Udo's Choice oil for six weeks. And guess what? Within four, all the old habits had returned. 

Again I asked Esme's teacher (who had no idea that I had stopped the oil for an interim period), how Esme was doing in class? She took me aside and said, "Actually, she is struggling a little bit at the moment. She is fidgeting a lot again. And is more forgetful."

Needless to say, I started the oil up once more. And now, five weeks in, remarkably she has improved again. At home, definitely - and when I asked her teacher this time, she reported that Esme was back on track. Indeed, Esme had just remembered to bring her PE kit bag back to the cloakroom without being prompted. 

To be honest, it's the little things like that which add up to make everyone's life as it is with small children, so much easier. Perhaps this is something the #NHS could give to parents and carers of children with #ADD to try, before taking the #Ritalin route?

The result of my in-house experiment with Udo's Choice blend of plant omega oils, and my fidgety 5YO is therefore, that this product does indeed have a positive effect on a child's ability to concentrate. It will definitely help your child to sit still and focus for longer periods of time - not to mention the other health benefits it brings. Whacko. As a consequence I'm about to put Sofia Faith on it too.

Now I'll just need to write a post on the magic potion itself!

Watch this space...


Anonymous said...

This is fab news hon, I remember reading your earlier posts and how concerned you've been at times. Udo's Choice looks great! I've been giving my girls Bio-Kult for about a month now with positive effects. Yay for good supplements :-)

Emma Oliver said...

Every parent and carer ought to be made aware of the positives! x

Anonymous said...

Wow I definitely want to read about that oil! #pocolo

Emma Oliver said...

I know - you just reminded me to stick that on my list, thanks!