Thursday, 5 June 2014

I'm NO LONGER going to Britmums Live 2014 - would you like my place?

...As for me this year, it's not happening. Even though as a consequence of missing out last year, I got in early for a 2014 ticket. You see, shortly after paying for it, I received this...

Save the date
I told the adorable couple I couldn't come, I already had plans - to attend the blogging conference of the year - and they were so sweet about it.

But then the invite arrived and I realised I could not do it - would not do it - miss my friend marrying the man of her dreams. I mean, come on... 

And so, with regret, I'm going to miss out on Britmums Live instead.

Groan. Groan. Groan. Why the groaning?

It's that community print thing. 

When you read fellow blogs enough, they become a ritual you look forward to, often an extension of your day, with a process of comment exchanging sometimes required, which can be so enjoyable.

And when the story of another life out there, shares so many traits with your own, well, the chance to have a shindig with them, is rather an attractive prospect. The excitement of getting to meet others who have let you share the minutiae of their lives: through emotion, humour, thought-provoking posts a plenty, to put a face to a name and to share a smile, it is, well all rather sweet.

To add to that, to have the chance to learn more about blogging and the social media industry itself, well then, you start to understand why the @Britmumslive buzz exists.

For all of this, I know that if I was sat there complete with book draft and literary agent on Fri 20th, instead of with my friends saying 'we do', I would be sitting there feeling uncomfortable. Uneasy. In the wrong place at the wrong time. 

If I was finally meeting all the lovely people I've been in touch with over the last 18 months through blogging, yes, it would be absolutely amazing, but truth is, I would be sitting there thinking, I should not be here. 

Blogging conferences come and go, weddings of good mates, happen once. 

So that's it really. There's not much to ponder? Except... 

Who wants my ticket?

Please leave me a comment if that is you.

And if you are going... have an utterly brilliant time!