Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Can't concentrate? I try an in-house experiment (3)

Yesterday, I posted about a probiotic, a windy baby and an in-house experiment. But it's not the first in-house experiment I've carried out. Here I revisit the omega oil trial...

A wee while ago, I set out trialling omega oil to see if it could help with my fidgety five-year-old's concentration levels. Her school day was particularly affected. You can read about that here. 

I had noticed after eight weeks that Esme Grace, having had Udo's choice (an oil which is a blend of plant omegas 3,6 and 9) was far more able to concentrate at home, and things were better in general as she was able to focus for longer periods of time. 

I last visited this experiment here, and was about to find out what Esme's parent evening was going to bring... Had the omega oil made a difference to Esme's school life? She had been finding it difficult to sit still, to listen and to focus on what her teacher was saying. I had seen the difference at home, surely there would be a difference in the classroom too?  I was intrigued to find out...

I couldn't wait to ask Esme's teacher. And I am really happy to report that during our parent evening slot, it was good news.

Simon and I were delighted to hear her teacher had noticed that Esme was now better able to concentrate in class. Able to focus on what the teacher was saying. Able to sit still. Able to really get on with her work.

Happy days!

There was just one thing... had this happened as a result of settling into the classroom, making friends and adapting to Year 1, or as a result of taking the oil?

I was going to have to do an experiment within an experiment...

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