Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Alien MorphCostume for Halloween - A review

If you thought Morph was purely a little plasticine man who began his career in the 1970/80 art series Take Hart, think again. It is also the name put to fancy dress designs galore, from the highly successful outfit MorphCostumes. Meaning you too can morph into the spirit of the occasion. Well, with Halloween fast approaching, why not? They sent Life As It Is the alien suit to try out for review purposes...

I come in peace...
Glow Alien Kids Morph Suit 
MADE BY: Morphsuits TM
PRICED: £16.99 plus postage and packaging
AVAILABLE FROM: MorphSuits.co.uk
GUARANTEE: 100% satisfaction or your money back.
SIZE: Small, medium or large (6-12 years)
ALSO AVAILABLE: In adult sizes
MORE: facebook.com/morphsuits

- That MorphCostumes are fun as well as flashy - the vibrant colour is one thing but the neon eyes that glow in the dark, are quite another. 
- That this outfit is available for kids and adults- but actually that the one child suit fits both my kids - even if it is a little wrinkly on Fia!
- That my girls can wear tights and long sleeved tops underneath if required - trick or treating can be cold. 

It is only the eyes that glow - not the entire suit!
MorphCostumes aren't colourfast, so should be hand washed in cold water, then hung to dry.
Some children will not like the fact that their heads are covered as part of the costume - understandably; it seems quite alien, pardon the pun. This might be why the costumes for children begin at 6YO? Not that either of mine were bothered.

In our house we are big Halloween fans. I have been since working as a nanny and organising parties for my many little horrors charges. Never though, have I seen anything in the costume department quite like this before. Glow in the dark eyes? Humourous, colourful, comfortable, innovative... if your child wants to experience Halloween incognito - or rather as an alien, this MorphSuit is definitely the way to do so in style.

Esme Grace, 6YO
Sofia Faith, 3YO
Emma Oliver and the GraceFaith blog girls received an alien MorphCostume in exchange for a review on the parenting/lifestyle blog LIFE AS IT IS.

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Mummy Tries said...

Have to say it's a little scary for my liking ;-)

Emma Oliver said...

I know what you mean Renee, it is scary looking - and I for one, cannot bear wearing things over my face like that. However, in all honesty, whenever I look at the girls in it, I laugh my socks off. You would not believe the fights I am having too, over who can wear it trick or treating! Thanks for your comment. x