Thursday, 2 October 2014

My long lost friend... coming to visit this weekend, with her mother and her son in tow.

A picture of her son has been on our fridge for years. Updated whenever a new one arrives in the post, usually at Christmastime. She is an incredibly diligent correspondent.

He must be about 10 now?

I'll finally meet this gorgeous little lad who has been smiling at me every morning I get the milk for my coffee.

My friend and I nannied together, in London and New York. Over 20 years ago.

In London on the Kings Road.

Tea dates with our plentiful snot faced little charges, their mothers upstairs, all foot loose and fancy free.

One weekend off, we stayed in an artist's loft in SoHo - that's Manhattan's 'South of Houston' - not London - and man alive we ate up NY while we were there. The freedom you know. I was 19.

In a building around the corner, was another artist's work. Entitled 'The Earth Room' it was a large space stacked with soil. And that was it. I'd like to say it was breathtaking. But, nah. Seriously, who fills a room with mud and calls it art?

Off Montauk, Long Island.

Where we whale watched on the high seas (and mainly vomited).

And shortly after, Hurricane Bob blew through. That was interesting. The Hampton's were swept up in the drama. I suppose nothing about that place ever changes.

Years on, we met again in Queensland.

I remember we saw a koala, a humpback whale and a goanna, all in the wild in the space of an hour while walking out on Noosa headland.

What a day that was. When we said cheerio and I picked up my dusty pack to leave her behind.

Since then, she shocked and rocked when she went to the sperm bank and got herself that gorgeous son of hers. Well, biological clocks tick, and frankly, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. And I love that about this veggie eating girl in particular.

Can't wait to see her again. This time, with her dusty pack upon her back.

Yes, it'll be good to have some true blue Aussie's stay with us.

My long lost friend.