Friday, 3 October 2014

Face to face with 'X Factor' star's unborn baby

A few weeks ago, the 'X Factor' cog began to turn again, heralding the Autumn and therefore fires, curries, vino, and snuggles on the Saturday sofa for many couples. Si and I included; we love it! 

Around the same time, 37 year-old Sam Bailey, the 2013 'X Factor' winner, gave birth to her third child Miley Beau, a baby sister to Brooke, age nine, and Tommy age five.

As an 'X Factor' super viewer, I predicted Sam would win right from her first appearance, I'm certain I wasn't alone. I could not have predicted however, that the former prison warden, would be giving birth just as the new series kicked off. Nor could I have predicted that I would see the face of Sam's baby girl before pretty much the rest of the world - AND when she was actually still inside her mum. 

Sam was 22 weeks pregnant when we met at the Covent Garden Hotel, for the launch of the 4D HD scan by Miracle in progress; a revolutionary technology showing a 4D scan in High Definition. Cleverly building a picture through light, it captures an unbelievably clear photo of baby in the womb - so clear in fact, that perhaps it would not look amiss upon your mantel with the rest of the family?

According to midwife Jo Proud, the director of Miracle in progress, 80% of all mums to be, want to know the sex of their unborn child. I expect many of those, would also want to see a 4D HD photo - leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination whatsoever. Certainly, the two journalists present that were pregnant, jumped at the chance to see their own unborn babies up close and personal (we were ushered out of the room for that). Perhaps because they recognised this is a rather unusual opportunity - currently there are only 12 private clinic machines in the UK. That said, if you can manage to make it to one of them, it is not as expensive as you might think.

Miracle in progress offers expectant parents a ten minute 'take a peek' at the new 4DHD scan for £50, or else offers the 4DHD scan, plus heartbeat bear (a cuddly toy which plays baby's heart beat), and a cd rom with unlimited photos, all for £99. Lots of expectant parents are taking it up. 

Jo said, "We have been unindated since the launch of the technology; busier than ever. We've had a particular interest from lots of celebrity couples."

Sam may have been revealing her daughter's face that day, but everything else about her baby was  under wraps - well baby's name if not sex, which was exclusively promised to Hello Magazine.

Finding out the sex of all her children during their pregnancies was important to Sam, simply for practical reasons. "Perhaps it was down to 'having a touch of OCD" she joked, "but I wanted to get organised." 

Sam discovered she was expecting, after taking a pregnancy test in a supermarket. Classy? No, not really, just brilliantly down to earth - which pretty much sums her up. The avid Leicester City supporter and #JamTartWednesday mum, said she always wanted three children. Although she never expected Sharon Osbourne to be a Godmother to one of them.

Falling pregnant with her third baby so soon after winning the singing competition, and indeed as she was about to start the 'X Factor' tour, understandably, Sam said she felt she'd let everyone at her management and record label down. Seriously though, what could they say? 
Question is, will baby Miley get in the way of Sam's work? 

Sam plans to embark on her first UK solo tour, in support of her chart topping debut album, ‘The Power of Love', from January 2015. I'm not so sure it will be a solo tour though... I have a feeling there maybe a little bundle in tow. But who am I to predict anything? 

Simon and I knew we would not find out the sex of our baby; there aren't many wondrous surprises in life. But what did OR would you do? Thought-provoking huh?


The Blogging Sleep Consultant said...

I'm on the fence with that one. I'd like to have known what my second baby was but my husband insisted we wld have to share it with everyone. So we didn't find out. I definitely didn't want to know the first time round. I think second time I wanted to know if I needed a blue gro amidst the sea of pink we already had!

Emma Oliver said...

Yes, there is a reason to know, I can see that. But. It is one of the most incredible moments that there is in life. Finding out that surprise. Wow. Maybe some people just don't like surprises?! Thanks so much for your comment.