Sunday, 26 October 2014

Growing flowers QVC Watch Them Grow Kit (3) Success to temperance

The clocks have fallen. Again. Just.

The wind is whipping up the leaves once more.

But the late summer sun and warmth magically lingered on into October. 

Magically indeed - for they allowed our one sunflower plant that we had nurtured from seed, the time it needed to grow. To flower. 

The GraceFaith girls were amazed when they witnessed the final rapid changes taking place to the once tiny seed they had sown.

Watering it, feeding it and caring for it for all these months, and then...

...Seeing it grow so very tall.

And seeing the beauty of the flower. 

Such intense beauty. 

A reminder that with the right conditions, even the most unlikely and fragile scenario given a chance and the love, can do well. 

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