Thursday, 16 October 2014

Family roles reversed - a poem

Chatting to my big sister yesterday,

Who is far away.

Feeling isolated,

In the Andes.



She cried.

I comforted.

Role reversal.


Got a telling off yesterday too.

From Dad.

A reminder of childhood.

He can't help it, but I wish he would.

That iron rod is just a bit too heavy to drop.

How I detest his power to reduce.

This time, I stood up to him.

A little.

I said he was over-reacting.

Role reversal.



Mummy Tries said...

Lots of power to you lovely lady! It's funny how family roles get reversed over the years...

Louise said...

I'm glad that you were empwered and able to stand up to your dad and able to comfort your big sister too. Definitely role reversal going on there and your poem beautifully expressed that.

Lisa1970 said...

That struck a chord as I work with my Dad and, even now I'm in my 40s, one sharp word can reduce me to a quivering wreck! I've lost my empowering rebelliousness along the way somewhere! Good for you :)

Chrissie M said...

Go you! Powerful words. My mum can turn me back into an insecure pre-teen with a look if I'm not careful, very hard to take as a grown-up. Well done x

Victoria Welton said...

Wonderfully powerful words Emma,I love this. This reminds me so much of things I have done :) Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought :) x

Emma Oliver said...

Thanks everyone. Kind of you to comment here x