Sunday, 26 October 2014

My Manhattan musts

A friend recently asked if I had any tips on where to go and what to see in New York City? Having lived there on and off, I can recommend these as a few of my faves...

1. For amazing views and for FREE! walk across Brooklyn bridge.

2. Ellis island. No matter how many times I have been to New York City, I never tire of this memorial to the immigrants. It has definitely got a presence about it and is one of the city's more unique museums. Take the ferry from Battery Park for great views of Lady Liberty and the skyline (always so poignant now).

3. If it is only the view of the skyline from the water that you are after then board the Staten Island ferry. Extremely good value, a return fare used to cost a quarter. Remain on the boat and come back again, and catch yourself a break from tourists while you're at it! 

4. FOR FREE! And a must see, walk into the main concourse at Grand Central Station, once there, look up. The ceiling is quite beautiful, as is the building itself. The terminal only serves commuters, so time it with rush hour for the best buzz.

5. Empire State 5th Ave and 34th st - a must. Visit the observation deck when it is still light but verging on dusk. Remain as night falls and get the best of the views during day and night for one price. This means being up there a while. If you want my advice on seeing it day or night, then go at night.

6. Love pizza? Then book in to Little Italy's Lombardi's restaurant. Popular with the locals and the birthplace of New York style pizza; all adds for a great atmosphere. Find it on Spring Street. 212-941-7994

7. The Flat Iron Bridge building. This iconic triangular landmark is found at 5th, E22nd and Broadway, a most fabulous slice of Manhattan to photograph.

8. Not just an office complex, the Rockerfeller centre can be found in the centre of 5th and 6th Avenues and 48th and 51streets. Lively, colourful, and great in the winter for ice skating under.

9. A must is Central park. Get lost and enjoy. Got kids? The zoo is great.

10. Museum mile is found on 5th Ave and b/n 60th and 80th streets. Want a recommendation? A superb museum is the Frick 70th and 5th. One man's private and beautiful collection in his not so private, yet beautiful home. Totally interesting.

11. Just for fun: Dylan's candy store. Your eyes will pop. Beware the temper tantrums! Opposite Bloomingdales 3rd Ave b/n 60 and 61st.

12. On the Upper East Side, an American bakery called Two Little Red Hens roosts on 2nd Ave b/n 85th and 86th. It's a haven with a bohemian feel, is relaxed and has the most perfect cupcakes in town!

13. In the West Village - w4th st and Bleecker st to be exact- is Down the hatch. Fun nights that are good value - $2 pints, $8 pitchers, all you can eat deals, and an all round great American bar experience. 


Anonymous said...

Emma - thank you for finding the time to list your top tips, I'm only there for 5 days so will tick off as many as possible, no kids in tow so the only tantrum will come from yours truly - Dylan's sounds like mine kinda store - take care MrDx

Emma Oliver said...

I don't need to say have a brilliant time, you will, this is New York we are talking about! x

Anonymous said...

Will do my Best M - thanks for the tips much apreciated not going until 14th Nov so might bend your ears even more - x