Friday, 13 March 2015

Pure Rosehip Oil - Is it really that good? Rosehip oil review (2)

Can Rosehip Oil reduce wrinkles?

In my quest to find out, this morning I put this on FB:

JOURNO REQUEST - in the name of investigation!

I'm pretty sure I can see a difference already in my skin. My face seems clearer, fresher and feels softer - although I have not turned into a princess yet. Hey, it is only day 2. 
What I need now are guinea pigs, I mean two lovely peeps to have a go at trialling the Rosehip oil as well. To make sure I'm not imagining my new glow! (Did those blackheads really fall out in the night?) 
Pls message me if you want to try reducing any wrinkles (or laughter lines as my Gran used to call them). The first 2 that I receive, will be sent some Rosehip oil in the post. No work in it for you, just report back to me after one week. x

Almost immediately I had 5 people wanting to trial it. The press team at Nelsons (thanks Jen) have now sent the Nelsons pure Rosehip oil out to two lovely guinea pigs ladies that are seeking a princess like glow - and wanting to reduce their wrinkles.

Blimey. Can it really be that good? 
I plan to report back with my findings soon.

Incidentally, I started this journey here

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