Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Yorkshire Pride - England’s favourite holiday destination

Camping in Yorkshire with kids

For the last couple of months, I've been telling hubs that we ought to visit Yorkshire again. I have such fond memories of our last trip there, years ago. 

Pre-kids we had enjoyed a stunning holiday to Whitby, and all at once fell in love with each other and the destination to boot. It was in a gorgeous hotel on the cliff top that we had lain for a few days, and that our lives had been as wildly beautiful as the nearby moor. But before I go all Wuthering Heights on you:

STOP PRESS. Kids happened. Haven't been back since.

Could now be the time to return? There's been the offer of a press stay, lovely offer too... but it's camping. And I don't really do camping. It's exhausting innit! Birds tweeting at 4am, husband snoring in competition with the rain pelting on the canvas at 5am. My 2YO shouting at 6am, that she wants to go camping now - from her sleeping bag lined travel cot - go figure. Mmm. Camping with children equates to hard bloody work as I recall, and requires a steely determination to enjoy oneself when frankly, you really aren't.

This week is English Tourism Week and honestly, it comes as no surprise to me that Yorkshire has come out on top as England's favourite holiday destination in a recent survey, (commissioned by a Yorkshire campsite no less), highlighting the many benefits of camping for families and taking a short break in the UK. However, it shocks the heck out of me, in the same survey, that camping apparently presents the unrivaled choice for quality family time -thought to self - Bet they hadn't considered 5* with kids club(!)

In truth, Humble Bee Farm sounds idyllic, I mean the name for a start, come on! And the situation... Located on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds and close to the Yorkshire Coast resorts of Bridlington, Filey, Scarborough and Whitby... in all that space. That wilderness. That ruggedness that is unique to Yorkshire. I get that it is the perfect spot for a family holiday.

A family holiday in the truest sense of the meaning. This is a friendly working farm – that welcomes children of all ages, encouraging them to visit the hen houses, collecting eggs, and experience life on a working farm with tractors, sheep, cows, hens, goats and ducks. I know the GraceFaith girls would love that. And truth be known, I think I might too... Especially if I got to eat the eggs... If the eggs had been cooked for me. But then, that isn't really camping is it?!

There's been the offer of a press stay in one of Humble Bee Farm's fully heated Wigwams - which I'm contemplating - only because I believe it would be more like camping with a capital GL?

For more information about Humble Bee Farm and to book please visit or phone 01723 890437.

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Mummy Tries said...

A friend of mine is from Whitby and I'm desperate to go! Clamping in a wigwam sounds fun lovely, go for it xx