Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A revolutionary new me... a CYCLING epiphany


January 1st is not a necessity.

Routine and childcare are.

Hard work and dedication and motivation are.

I finally have the first two in place.

And I've always been dedicated and motivated to work hard - only sat at a type writer.

Not on a bike.

Everyone that knows me, knows I think 'gym' is just a man's name.

No surprise then, that when a friend announced she was off to a spinning class, I figured she was off to whirl and twirl in a tutu of sorts.

Not so, a spinning class, is a (stationary) bike riding class - in a gym.

Who knew?

Turns out, a lot of people.

But who knew that I would agree to have a go?

Last week.

And I felt so stupid I could have balled. (No, I don't know why).

This week I went again.

Hard work, dedication, DETERMINATION and motivation.

And this week, I came out with the biggest grin on my face.

I think I hit my first endorphin high.

What a gift that is.

I'm still buzzing.

Partly steroid, partly endorphin and partly because I overcame a very real fear.

You see, aside from last week, I've not been on a bike since I had an asthma attack and ended up off work sick for six months with pneumonia. And if I write that I cracked two ribs from coughing, it may shed some light as to why I felt afraid?

Anyway, in between the two classes and sometime before falling asleep on the sofa, I had asked Simon to get my bike out (and dust off the cobwebs).

I had also asked him to stop taking the piss.

He did both.

And he oiled the chain, and pumped the tyres (and dusted it off again).

Next morning, I then cycled some more.

And while cycling, I had a realisation.

An epiphany.

I realised that as long as I use my Ventolin prior to exercising, I'll always be able to work out and breathe just fine.

I'm not going to have an attack - although my legs will kill but...

I'm inspired.

This morning I cycled 20km.

20 kms.

And although I can't stand up and cycle like the rest of the class. (Yet).

I can keep spinning like the best of the class. ;-)

And a little bit and a week ago, I had no idea that I would be able to do that.

I'm booked in for next week. (Thanks Rae).

In the meantime, I'm getting out again on my own bike.

Thank goodness we live where we do.

The countryside is beautiful this time of year.

Feels like Spring may have arrived.

It's definitely a new dawn.

P.S. Simon is in shock.


I'm staggered that not one of the health care professionals I've seen for my asthma over the years, has ever taken the time to explain to me that I can self-medicate in this way to prevent an asthma attack. Obviously, it is something I need to raise with the asthma nurse next check up to make sure it is perfectly safe, but all I know is that I'm excited at the prospect of being able to exercise my lungs. 


Mummy Tries said...

Woohoo good for you lovely, I'm so pleased that getting back on your bike has been such a positive experience. I used to love spin classes, haven't been for years though xx

Emma Oliver said...

Thanks, it is weirdly addictive, I'm waiting for Wednesday morning to come round already! Thanks for your comments - x

Sara Murray said...

I'm so glad that you've been able to get back on your bike, and that you've overcome your fear of getting out of breath. An unexpected and welcome gift x Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

Emma Oliver said...

A pleasure Sara, thanks for hosting x

Jenna Richards said...

hehe, I love this.

I have been considering buying an exercise bike as I can't get to the gym. I think you may have just inspired me to go ahead and do it.

Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx