Friday, 6 March 2015

FRAMED - Currently my 1Grace1Faith - World Book Day

Sofia Faith  
Esme Grace

I absolutely love how this morning's pictures sum up the girls. Sofia - a total princess - crosses arms, stamps a foot and refuses to look at the camera, because she does not want to wear the crown we made (even only for the photo), and Esme who has turned her costume around in record time, is proud and smiley - and very obliging.
Chalk and cheese, here are my girls dressed up for World Book Day!
PS If you're wondering - Sleeping Beauty (if only) and Lola The Lollipop Fairy
PPS If you're wondering what happened to the tiger?...

"I told Mummy that I did not want to wear the tiger costume for World Book Day.
That it would be difficult for me to wear it all day long; being at school.
That I would not be able to write easily with gloved hands.
That I would find it difficult to go to the toilet by myself.
And that I could not cover my face up as the teachers probably wouldn't like it." 

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