Monday, 23 March 2015

Career highlight - Interviewing the gorgeous Emilia Fox


Where do you live in London and why?
I live in Acton, west London, because it is extremely family friendly with lots of things to do with children in the area, a beautiful park and a proper community spirit.

How old is your daughter? And how would you describe her in a couple of words?

My daughter, Rose, is four and is a force of nature. She’s funny, loving and strong.

Tell us a little about your favourite local spots to take Rose...

Our favourite local hangouts are Acton Park for walks, scootering and swings; The Park Club for swimming and trampolining; Laveli and Angela Malik’s for cakes; The Village Trading Store for toys; the butcher’s on Churchfield Road for chicken sausages and our lovely local Londis for sweets. There’s also a new pancake shop on Churchfield Road where we go to for a treat sometimes.

We are loving the new season’s Emilia bag by iCandy. How did it make you feel knowing it was inspired by you?

I was thrilled and surprised when iCandy wanted to make an Emilia bag. What an honour. And so lovely to have input in creating a bag with all the pockets and accessories I longed for as a new mum – to maintain some kind of order. I wanted it to look good, too, so that it could be smart for going out and be able to double up as a handbag and baby bag so that you don’t have to carry two bags.

iCandy are supporting The Lullaby Trust with £10 from each Emilia bag going to the charity. As you are the brand ambassador, was it your idea?

The idea was suggested to me and I entirely supported it as I think there is something uniting in the act of parents supporting other parents.

Did you enjoy ‘playing tourist’ for the day in the Emilia bag London photo shoot?
I loved that the shoot showed off different parts of London and hope that it conveys that the Emilia bag is not only practical but fashionable, too. The bag is suitable for all parents wherever they live, but London is a great city to raise children in.

How is city life with a child?

I’m lucky because I have a garden at home. I spent a lot of my early years in a London house without a garden and remember slightly yearning for the freedom of being able to run about in nature. Luckily London has plenty of parks. There are also so many fun and educational things to do. Taking Rose to the Natural History Museum or the Science Museum is a treat to enjoy in an entirely different way as an adult.

Do you ever worry about living in London with a little one?
I suppose I have the same fears as most parents about not letting my child go out without an adult watching at all times, but I think I would have that parental instinct even if we lived in the middle of the countryside!

On a rainy day, when you’re feeling cooped up, where would you usually head to?
When it rains, we go to Maggie & Rose in Chiswick or Gambado indoor play centre.

What is Rose’s favourite place to go?

Rose loves The Bark Club where we take our dog – and we talk to dogs for hours while they are being groomed.

And somewhere that’s a bit further afield?

We love Kew Gardens.

Finally, what are your three hot tips for London days out with a young child?
If I had to pick just three: Hounslow Urban Farm, feeding ducks in Regent’s Park by the rose garden and The Unicorn Theatre for children.

This interview first appeared in the April/May issue of Little London Magazine - on sale now


Maddy@writingbubble said...

Fab interview - it must have been fun! I love the photo too (and her skirt!). Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting xx

Emma Oliver said...

Pleasure Mads, if you could remind me when then I will try to join in as often as time allows. Great link. Thank you!

Chrissie M said...

Even the thought of visiting London with a small child makes me shudder. It's so busy and I would have no idea how to deal with the Tube or buses or the vast expanse of the city. Lovely interview. X