Thursday, 8 November 2012

Having a moment

For all the dripping and moaning I do within the GraceFaith blog regarding my two small children (and I know I find myself irritated by them on many an occasion), I want to say now for the record what an absolute wonder they are to me.

From the first moment I held my Esme Grace and looked into her eyes, I could see her darling father. And from the moment I first held Sofia Faith, I could see my adorable grandmother already somewhere there within. It is miraculous when you behold your just born baby, but when you see the people you love so deeply looking back at you, it is, as I say, absolutely wondrous.

How privileged am I that I can be a mummy who stays at home with them full time, who has the chance to pick them up when they fall down, to kiss it better, to hug them tight in the night when they wake scared, to share the fun and catch each joyful smile, to see suddenly that a light switch can be reached, a bike can be cycled or the dining table can be scaled. To watch those first small steps turn to skips, and hear those first words spoken turn to sentences?

Point is, I can't imagine a life without my kids. Just as can't imagine a life without their wonderful father too. Sorry. Moment done.