Saturday, 3 November 2012

NCT nearly new sale, not quite so nearly new afterall

Good Lord, having tried to shift a load of my girls' clothes this morning at the Haslemere NCT nearly new sale, I sold a measely ten out of 50 items. What's wrong with my stuff? Apparently it is all nearly new. And as a consequence, it is all too upmarket. For example, I had put forward a gorgeous dress and matching tights for £4, and I've since brought it home again, unwanted - but a washed a thousand times bobbly stained top that I noticed early doors (yes I was helping out by hanging bits and pieces) went through the tills to a new home for a whopping £2. But this is Surrey darling... clearly in recession. I'm not affronted that my stuff has not sold, I will get way more out of being able to pass it on to friends and family anyway. And it wasn't all a complete loss, mingling with the Mere NCT types from 7.30am was good entertainment. Militant at times: 'Do it this way!' Then the bunfight as doors opened was a real eye opener. Haslemere, how you do disappoint, goodness, it was only one up from a car boot. I feared for my life at one point. The NCT sales are clearly a well-oiled machine, and why wouldn't they be when they swallow up a third of all takings. Yes, I repeat, they hang on to a third of what you make. Just as well I pushed that highchair up to £100 then eh?! Afterall, that really was nearly new.