Friday, 2 November 2012

Nanny notes - The Scotch Guard Guy

The question of priority

The mention of nannying, America and spillages all within the previous post has transported me back to the days I used to work as a nanny, and one particular temporary job I held for a while in Chelsea.

Not unusual with this type of thoroughbred and monied mother/nanny position, topics of conversation were restricted to how special the baby and the Chelsea pad were.

My charge was only three months old when I began looking after him and I remember the first morning, being given a list of phone numbers in case of accidents and emergencies. The local doctor, hospital and police were listed, they just came further down the line.
Number one on the list and taking priority by far (for it was the only one written in black marker) was ‘the Scotch Guard Guy’ for any spills or stains on the child friendly white carpet. A carpet which incidently covered most of the interior of the six storied house.  

Life is all about priorites right? I suppose the question is, are we sure we have them in the right order? Ok, off to contemplate housework versus playing with the kids...