Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A little more detail (5) Realisation of how parenting works

Family Life (Acceptance + Realisation = Happiness)

Throughout 2009 Simon and I adapted to family life. I remember the exact moment we finally worked out what it was all about; on holiday in Dorset. 

That summer day had been spent discovering the little towns and villages belonging to the county's beautiful countryside. Only, we had explored so far, the drive back to where we were residing was long. Too long for Esme who was nearing 12-months-old and had already spent ages in her car seat. Not surprisingly she grumped the whole way back. 

Right then it hit home that our time together was no longer about us, but now all about Esme. Meeting her needs, her wants and therefore her happiness. 

And as soon as Simon and I realised that, life as three became much easier. 

And being much easier, life was great all over again. In so many better ways.