Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas is coming and the blog is on the bog

Very excited in our house at the prospect of Christmas. Trying not to get ahead of ourselves but we made paper chains yesterday. Have impressed myself and started shopping; found some great ideas in the little gift shop Past & Present in Shottermill. Love that grotto. Artist Sarah makes the most amazing hand-painted delights.

Esme (our excited 4YO) is to be a traveller in her school nativity. Can't wait for that. Am reminded of when I watched on as nanny for a little one who attended a Pimlico nursery. Mary was swinging baby Jesus by his leg and Joseph stood there picking his nose. The angel Gabriel blinked away tears throughout, and I don't know what happened to the three wise men but the place was overrun with shepherds. Something to do with countless tea towels maybe?!

The School Christmas fayre approaches. Apparently it is in dire need of two dads or grandads to act as Santa. Goodness, imagine that. A school Christmas fayre with no Father Christmas... forgot to mention this to Simon last night, so darling OH, if you are reading this first thing while on the loo as usual, perhaps you could think on that? Yes, apparently Simon takes time out at work to read each new post while visiting the toilet. He has fondly termed LIFE AS IT IS as the BLOG ON THE BOG. I'm just delighted he bothers to read it at all! Have a good day dear.

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