Thursday, 1 November 2012

Snot, spillages and my disgruntled Churchill

Today a friend called... she said, 'I keep logging on and you haven't written anything this week.'

So here I am. And just for those of you logging on, I feel I ought to restart blogging on. Thanks for the prompt hun, sometimes I wonder who the hell reads this... apparently some of you in Russia of all places. Well, Zdravstvuj to you this evening!

It has been nice to have a time out though. Where have I been? A week off, half term hols from school and a much needed break for me and my exhausted/ing(?) 4YO. Ha! A break my arse... I just want to ask, why are small children so much hard work? For funny enough, all I seem to have done this week is wipe up snot and spillages, pick up broken glass, call out a washing machine repair man and generally be mystified at how Sofia Faith (1YO) consistently leaves a trail of destruction in her wake.*

This morning she put a toy in the toilet before climbing upon the ledge of the bath. Yesterday, she screamed for one hour because she did not have the same lunch as her 4YO sister. I've never seen so much mucus either as I did in that hour. No sleep due to teething and a virus leaves her more like a disgruntled Churchill than ever. I have two bite marks in my arm today... is she too young to bite back? I honestly think she knows exactly what she is doing at 14months old today.

Anyway, back to the destruction. The washing machine is completely kaput. 'The problem is not mechanic,' the repair man continues, 'it's electronic. Digital. The buttons have been played with too much. You need to buy a new one.' I suppose that sums up Sofia. All too often she pushes buttons. 

Spillages. Both the girls this week have excelled, but the best was the coffee cup in the shop the other day. Esme had already sent her babycino down her front, but she then proceeded to make my entire large Americano fly. It hit in a big way. The woman next to me, who was dressed from head to toe in cream. She looked completely bewildered. So did Esme. She had been telling me how much she loved me by stretching out her arms, next thing... yet another spilt drink. Oh dear. 

*Oh my, big love to the east coasters of America right now. I lived on the east coast - all over, for many years while nannying, and I'm thinking of you all lots.