Friday, 4 July 2014

Can't concentrate? Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend - a review

Did you know that the brain is around 60% fat? And therefore needs feeding fats - essential fats, Omega 3 particularly. Here's one great way of doing that... 
Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend 

PRICE: £21.99 (500ml)

AVAILABLE FROM: Udo's Choice and selected retailers

When I was first approached about trialling Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend, it was for myself, from the point of view of using it to enhance my ageing(!) skin. But Life As It Is isn't a beauty blog. It's a lifestyle/parenting blog, making life for mums AND children easier.

Purely coincidence then, that around the same time, Esme was struggling at school with concentration issues. I had heard about the brain food aspect of omega oil, and wondered if Udo's Choice, could help my fidgety 5YO instead?

As a result of Esme taking Udo's Choice - a blend of organic seed oils, packed with omega 3 and 6 and the fatty acid Omega 9 with a ratio of 2:1:1, life as it is for her, became easier. 

Here's my round up of good and bad, for more info regards why Essential Fatty Acids help with brain function, click on this link.

When mixed with natural yoghurt and honey, it tastes great. Plus has the added health bonus of a daily probiotic - with the right yoghurt of course.
That it can be decanted and frozen 'til needed.
That the Udo's website has a range of recipes to use with the oil - helping it taste better! 
And particularly, that it has had such a positive result for Esme.

It is not cheap.
It must be kept in the fridge.
It only last six weeks.
It takes up to six weeks to make a difference.
It doesn't taste great and will definitely need to be disguised for children.
Don't be thinking you can cook with the oil, you will only cook all the goodness away.

I never imagined that when I first tried Esme on Udo's Choice, I would see such a notable change in her ability to concentrate. It has surpassed my expectations completely. And, her teacher's for that matter.

Emma Oliver and the GraceFaith blog received one initial bottle of Udo's Choice, in exchange for a review on the parenting/lifestyle blog LIFE AS IT IS

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