Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My sleeping beauty

Home from school today.

Indeed you're not too well at all.

You as good as collapsed this morning,

Into my arms.

I gently touched your pale face,

Only to tell immediately that you were hot.

And so with medicine and bucket,

And window open,

Back to bed you went.

To sleep some more.

To wake thirsty. So thirsty.

With pins and needles.

Your throat hurting too.

Then after a drink,

You just lay.


And unable to keep your dark ringed eyes open,

There in amongst your soft cuddly toys.

You slept again.


Suzanne W said...

Ah bless her. Hope she feels well again soon. Tonsillitis? Lovely poem x

Emma Oliver said...

Hi Suzanne. Thanks. She's since woken up and eaten jelly. And now toast. No white spots (yet?), but those tonsils are touching. She has felt very sick too though. And pins and needles on and off. Some sick bug doing the rounds, so it might just be a version of that? Time will tell. x

Faded Seaside Mama said...

Poor thing. Hope she's better soon and that the jelly hit the spot! #Prose4T

Mummy Tries said...

Poor little Esme, hope she's on the mend real soon xx #prose4t

Victoria Welton said...

Poor little Esme. This poem really does capture the illness of a child so well. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

Emma Oliver said...

It did! Thank you.

Emma Oliver said...

All better now! Thank you x

Emma Oliver said...

Thanks Vicky. A pleasure. x