Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Do you have an itchy baby due to eczema? This website's for you...

You might remember a previous Life As It Is post about Bio-Kult Infantis, a probiotic for infants and children. I was really interested in this product as having had babies with gut problems, I wanted to know if it could help.  

I gave a friend, Andrea, the Bio-Kult Infantis to try with her three-month-old baby Zak, who was unsettled at times with a windy tummy. More on how that all went soon. For now though, I would like to highlight Andrea's fab website itchy baby.co.uk 

Zak is Andrea's third baby, and although he is windy with potential allergy/intolerance issues, fortunately he is not covered in eczema, like her middle child Josh was.

Andrea had such a difficult time finding natural products to help Josh, that she decided to start up a website of her own, to conquer some of the health issues she faced with her itchy baby.

Little did she know that at the time, her business www.itchybaby.co.uk would do so well. Although it is hardly surprising when you consider that today, eczema affects 15% of babies. 

Itchy babies need help. Their mums need help. And mums in the know - who have been there - are often a good place to start. Andrea soon found this out, when parents began to turn to her website for advice, where there are some great tips and ideas for helping your little one with eczema. 

If you are a mother looking for natural organic alternatives to help with your itchy baby, you too should check it out.

Please note: Itchy Baby does not replace advice given to you by your doctor or dermatologist. It is a parent to parent website whose goal is to empower people dealing with this distressing condition through shared knowledge and experiences. If you have an itchy baby, then welcome.