Wednesday, 23 July 2014

And to think...

...I was so excited about getting her home yesterday.

My God, she was a pain in the arse.

Although I met up with a few mums after the witching hour, and they all said the same about their little darlings too.

No doubt fatigue, emotion, excitement, heat.

All of that.

These children probably need a rest hey?!

(Breaks into song)... What about me???!


Mummy Tries said...

Oh honey I had a rough start to the holidays too, fared up much better today thankfully. Hope yours was a bit brighter xx

Tom Briggs said...

They just instinctively know when the worst time to act up is don't they? Hope it gets better for you during the holiday. :-)

Emma Oliver said...

Usually when you have a hangover?!
Thanks for commenting Tom.
And for the record, I got tough with them both after the end to this awful week, separating them both into their rooms. Has worked a treat. (Obviously I did let them out again eventually)!!!

Emma Oliver said...

We got there in the end, see below reply!