Monday, 14 July 2014

What have you done today to make you feel proud? Happiness & hope

I was approached recently by World Vision - who are trying to spread the word about Ethiopia’s recovery from famine - to share a picture I feel represents happiness and hope.

It has taken a while to consider. The choice is vast, and given the topic, I could have found an image of a healthy Ethiopian child today, juxtaposed against a child from thirty years ago, starved, swollen, sad, sick, dying, as a consequence of the physically and visually, 'hard hitting' famine that occurred in that part of Africa back then. 

But having thought about what it means to me and this blog in particular, 

I choose the photo below... 

Reflecting on 

A time in my life, 

That represented happiness and hope.

(Aside from when I married my husband, that is).

When Esme Grace was born. 

Not quite six years ago. 

With suspected meningitis. 

When I held her in my arms,

And hoped so fiercely,

That she would be well.

That my new baby bundle would get better with special care. 

And be able, one day, to soar.

For me, a mother, for only but a few moments, 

And prior to that, 

A woman ambivalent to motherhood, 

One that spent a pregnancy, 

Quietly wishing I was not pregnant, 

And who then gave birth,

To a baby that was sick. 

And as a consequence, the first glimmer of a bond.

Some happiness. 

Some more hope. 

The two things that subsequently strengthened a fragile bond.

Holding a silent shocked newborn baby to her silent shocked mother,

Two things which became,

The birth

Of an amazing relationship

That I've since grown to have with my daughter.  

Yes, this photo for me, sums up 'happiness & hope' -

I will always love you Esme Grace, 

And my hope remains the same. 

That one day, you will soar.

What picture represents happiness and 
hope to you?
Get involved here

This year marks the 30 year anniversary of the 1984 Ethiopian famine, the worst in living memory.  Thanks to the generosity of supporters, World Vision was able to work with local people and organisations to help turn the Antsokia Valley, which was hardest hit by drought, into what is now a lush, green oasis.

Hope of a future free from hunger has grown into a reality. Families are able to feed themselves on the crops they grow and can enjoy life once more.

Ethiopia may have recovered, however extreme hunger remains in other parts of Africa and other families and children are in need of help. You can find out more from the World Vision campaign video here:


Judith Kingston said...

Incredible story behind a beautiful picture, and so beautifully told. x

Fleur Sinclair said...

Emma, this made me cry- very moving and uplifting - Fleur x

Suzanne W said...

Wonderful story Emma. What a way to start life! So pleased that she has gone from strength to strength.....and learnt the 'f' word ;) x x

Emma Oliver said...

Thank you! x

Emma Oliver said...

Sorry about that! Hope the next post makes you smile. An account of the f word story... Thank you for commenting Fleur. Comments make my day! x

Emma Oliver said...

Ha! Suzanne - I can hardly wait for the teen years!!! x

MyLifeMyLove said...

Simply beautiful and wonderfully written. Gorgeous little girl. xx #Prose4T

Emily Page said...

So much love in this poem. Happy to hear you and Esme kicked this particular curved ball in to touch!