Thursday, 20 June 2013

And they all lived happily ever after

A few weeks ago I took part in a blog hop for Emma Day. Today this post serves as a reminder that she may have been reunited with her three babies, but that she is still fighting thyroid cancer. I'm still thinking of her, as are many in the blogging sphere. 

I wrote this prose inspired by her bright spirit for as far as I can tell, with regards to how Emma has viewed living with cancer, she has only ever looked forward. This is the very thought I started with... 

                              Looking forward

The mother of the bride, (and the chief bridesmaid), is to be admired - glamour, prestige and pride are all hers to flout. She looks a zillion dollars. She feels it too.

The organ strikes up as the last of the 150 strong guests all sat shoulder to shoulder, zips into a pew somewhere behind her. She hears the awe directed her way, 'Wow. That hat is a-ma-zing darling!'

Her family are all there, friends and neighbours included, indeed everyone who means anything to her. Especially Jon. Holding hands, they turn in unison to catch their first glimpse of the twins as they enter the church and begin walking towards the alter. They're looking straight toward Emma, smiling.

The first twin, the bride, walks ahead. The second twin, chief bridesmaid, follows with her two-year-old niece and flower girl, Bunny kin, tailing along behind with a posy of petals. There is a shared beauty between the three of them.

As Emma and Bunny see the dress, they give each other a knowing nod. There was no doubt this was the one. They had all chosen well that lovely day, back in the Spring. All girls together, giggling with excitement. Emma and Jon had only just flown back in from a super holiday, train tracking across America.

As the vows were taken, everyone held their breath. Such a poignant moment. As was the moment Emma then took to realise, not for the first time, that they had all made such happy, confident women, and Bunny now a mother herself! No wonder Emma was bursting with pride; and felt so complete.

How long ago it seemed when life was crazy! When the twins were babies and Bunny so little. The after effects of Emma's stay in isolation had almost torn her desperate heart in two. Almost, but not quite. The love she and her family shared was stronger than any toxic separation. That could never be broken. Emma moved on. Now look, the kids all grown up, grandkids arriving, weddings even. 

And this wedding had been a fairytale; the whole day a whirl of wonder. The groom had gracefully bowed out of the first dance after five minutes, to let the girls groove. There was such a bond between Emma and her daughters. 

The first dance was also the last dance for Emma and Jon, who knew when it was time to head home. Emma wanted to kick off the heels, to cuddle, and to tuck into a couple of buckets: One KFC and one champagne. 

And what would they toast? 

Their beautiful three daughters that day? 

Or how wonderful life had turned out? 


Would Like To Be a Yummy Mummy said...

Aaahhh that's lovely just beautiful. As a mum to 3 daughters too it really made me smile and sure it will have the same effect on Emma x

Emma Oliver said...

I hope so... three daughters like her, very blessed. Nice thought - seeing them all married... (but you'll both have to wait for the teen years to be over first, lol).
Thanks so much for your comment x

SarahMummy said...

That is absolutely beautiful! Had me in tears.

Emma Oliver said...

Ah thank you Sarah, sorry to make u cry, it is supposed to be cheerful! ps still trying to get my head around the fact that you know my cuz and gorgeous Godson! x

Laura Huggins said...

Absolutely beautifully written hun. Brought a tear to my eye (in a good way)

Thank you for linking up with the Weekend Blog Hop

Hope to see you again this weekend

Laura x x x

Emma Day said...

This is such a beautiful post. I've happy tears in my eyes. So much thought and care has gone into this post. It's so lovely. Thankyou. And Thankyou for the continued support on Twitter too. It means a lot. Xx

Emma Oliver said...

You are very welcome. You have inspired so many Emma. I'm just one of many from #emmasarmy that continues to root for you kid. Have a brilliant weekend at BritmumsLive x

Emma Oliver said...

Def Laura. Thanks for ur comment x

Stephanie said...


Emma Oliver said...

Thank you!