Thursday, 6 June 2013

Even more down to earth with a bump (8)

Continuing my record of Sofia Faith's pregnancy

My body is telling me to slow down: I've been trying; it's so frustrating... but having done a couple of walks and had that bleed recently I'm reluctant to carry on running around quite as I was. 

I needed reassuring so I asked the midwife to listen in on the baby’s heartbeat as it concerns me that I’m not feeling any movement yet. (I felt Esme at 16 weeks). It was great to hear it. It is always so much more emotive to me; hearing rather than seeing. 

The midwife told me to stop worrying, to carry on as normal, and to try and enjoy this pregnancy. I smiled at her. I knew she got it. That I wouldn't probably ever stop worrying enough to enjoy this pregnancy.

Esme hasn't been well and we have had a few broken nights on top of my already rubbish sleep, I’ve been feeling the effects. I’m chirpy enough though.

I spoke to soon. This weekend I was terribly grumpy, but the black dog on my shoulder couldn't hang out with me for long as on Tuesday we had our scan and HURRAH! Baby is doing somersaults, even though I cannot feel it. It is, it would appear a whirling dervish that is developing normally, text book style in fact. We are so chuffed, not to mention, relieved!

Last night I lay down to feel little pops of pressure as the baby kicks within. I put Simon’s hand on my swollen belly and even Daddio was able to feel a couple of movements. How beautiful for him after all we've been through... a fantastic moment. Hopefully from this point in, we will feel our little baby more and more.

Yes feeling more of baby's movements this week. All of a sudden it is happening a lot and they're reasonably strong. What wonder!

Of course there's always a blimen flip side huh?! Along with the movement, I have noticed indigestion lurking, particularly at night. And why can't I brush my teeth without puking? Honestly, it totally defeats the object. I brush, I puke, I brush, I puke...

Besides that I'm finally sleeping well and truly feeling great. Yee-haw! I even treated myself to a Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage. I definitely look neater as a consequence. Funny, I peed like a racehorse afterwards. Impressed?!

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