Monday, 17 June 2013

Even more down to earth with a bump (10)

Continuing my record of Sofia Faith's pregnancy

Well it had to happen. And if it was going to happen? It had to happen on a Friday the 13th.

1). Simon, Esme and I were out for a drive and almost got hit by another car.
2). My new cushion covers for my ebay bargain of a nursing chair shrunk at the Dry Cleaner’s. No longer a bloody bargain now is it...
3). Esme missed ballet. I clean forgot. 
4). I wished I had never mentioned to Esme, the fact that we'd missed ballet. She was devastated. Yep, gun, loaded, foot hit.

After a week of living upside down, I suppose it was inevitable. You see, the ENTIRE contents of the three bedrooms are downstairs currently - so as to paint all the floors up there. We've all been sleeping (?) in the lounge, and I've become an emotional wreck in the process. That's me then. You see I'm not great with change at the best of times...

Fortunately our house has been put back to normal (hoorah), and the gorgeous new white finished floors upstairs, all look so upliftingly lovely, in a very clean sort of almost anal way. And in great comparison to the last seven days, this week I'm feeling fantastic, although heartburn is kicking in big time. And I mean BIG TIME.

A new symptom has developed this week, and that is a disgustingly vile taste in my mouth after eating. Pleasant. Makes you want to gargle and gurgle with mouthwash all day long... but even that tastes weirder than usual. And brushing my teeth makes me chuck. Still. Gosh, I hope my breath doesn't smell equally as foul as the suspicious taste that persists? This baby brewing malarkey has many downers huh?

I saw the midwife, and apparently have only put on a stone in weight, plus I'm measuring spot on for dates. I'm surprised. My massive already frame maybe playing tricks on the midwife's measuring tape perhaps? Mind you, how would I really know? I can barely see it for the pair of kahunas I'm carrying on top. Did I just mention that this baby brewing malarkey has many downers... seriously, these aren't fun anymore.

My 28th week of Sofia's pregnancy ended with a jab of Anti-d ( thanks to my Rhesus negative funny blood), and a diabetic check - which meant having to endure starvation for far too many hours. Did I mention the downers?!

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