Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Tonight I am borrowing from a post I've read over at the lovely blog White Feathers and so much moreThe author, (do you know I don't know her name - she is the blogging friend who sees white feathers), is soon coming to a crossroads. Her children will both be at school and she feels there must be a change. But she is not sure what she wants to do. Or rather be. If you go and visit her blog and read her post, 'What will you be when you grow up?' you will see what I mean! Anyway, this was my response, which I felt was a very LIFE AS IT IS sort of post, all of its own, and with White Feathers permission, I am duplicating. Thank you dear! 

Thought-provoking stuff this post lovely. Firstly, it is very well written, so you could call yourself a writer already. Start that book. I've read your fiction, it is brilliant story-telling. There's a writer in you for sure. 

Clearly, there's a mother there too. I'm envious that you always knew you wanted babies/children. That part of your desire in this life is continuing to be fulfilled daily as they grow with you.

As for knowing what to do next and the crossroads... you of all people, my seeing white feathers blogging friend, should trust that the crossroads will have an answer themselves as and when. Wait. Something will come along. In the meantime, that book - perhaps work up your short stories. A collection.

Anyway... for me, as a child I had no doubt. I wanted to be a nanny. Think Mary Poppins/Sound of music... it was a vocational thing. I ONLY EVER WANTED to be a nanny. I trained. I qualified. I nannied. I had a happy time doing a job I loved for twenty years. And then, hit that self same crossroads myself.

I had travelled greatly as both a nanny and a bum, and had always written journals. My love for writing and travel led me to my husband and my journalism degree (not nec in that order).

The kids were never truly on the agenda, so my own white feathers blew around a bit and made me become a mummy of my own.

For now I fit in the freelance around them while they're young... it works. I realise I'm doing exactly what I want to do for every time I write anything, I am fulfilled.

"If you cannot stop writing then you were supposed to be a writer." That is a great quote from an incredible author. I just cannot remember who. And that'll be why I am not a marine biologist or a doctor!

Don't stress this crossroads, embrace it. And trust. Hope you soon catch a white feather on your way! PS Going to link this to LIFE AS IT IS now, as I feel I just wrote a post! Do hope that's okay with you?! x


dragonsflypoppy said...

Thank you so much for your incredible reply to my post, Emma. You are so right, and so wise, and yes I will trust fate or the angels or whoever/whatever is guiding us/the universe, more.

I guess we all reach crossroads at certain points in our lives, don't we?

I loved reading your story - how amazing to be so driven to be a nanny and follow that dream, because it has led you to where you ultimately want to be, despite that place not being a nanny any more.

There's a lot to think about here, and I love your quote - and another from Nell at Pigeon Pair and Me on my post - about writing and collecting experiences in life to write about.

I'm so grateful for your reply, Emma, and look forward to reading more about you on your lovely blog xx

Emma Oliver said...

Hello my white feathered friend, thanks for commenting - I'm glad I managed to depict how fate often has intent. We all reach crossroads, and again and again in life. I'm sure when we reach old age we will be able to look back and smile, knowing things worked out in the end and happened for a reason. Remember that trust can be the string that supports all the pearls... xxx

dragonsflypoppy said...

Beautiful and so very very true. My wise friend xx