Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Food from Arabia. In particular, Lebanon. 

The top image is a lamb tart, made with chillies, herbs, and all manner of delicious spices, along with a secret culinary weapon named 'Pomegranate mollases' - warning: Do not taste this straight off the spoon thinking it will be sweet. I did, and as a consequence, almost had an asthma attack! 

The bottom pic here, is an orange desert. Literally, fresh oranges, dripped in melted butter, cinnamon and honey, sprinkled with pistachios and walnuts. It is a prize pud that will not fail to impress. And it's so easy! (Although piffing 12 oranges, is a pain in the arse), but hey, you can always do that 24hrs before, to save you time on the day!

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