Sunday, 9 June 2013

Even more down to earth with a bump (9)

continuing my record of Sofia Faith's pregnancy

This pregnancy is so easy compared to my first. Everything is ticking a long nicely. 

The only thing that is new that I have noticed is that on one afternoon this week my right leg began to ache. From my knee to my ankle, it did not stop until I had gone to sleep for the night. Bizarre. It was so uncomfortable. I now wonder if it was to do with ligaments stretching, feet spreading? There’s been nothing since.

The days are rolling in to one. This week Simon went back to work after eleven days straight off on hols for Easter. We (Esme and I) have been spoiled indeed. It was heaven. We all slept in every morning. Esme was a delight. Lots of fun.

Feeling fantastic still, can’t quite believe it! My hormones are so stable it is a total revelation that pregnancy could ever be so good! It is so vastly different to how it was with Esme. 

(To find out how it was with Esme, check out the 
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