Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Poets, posts & peonies

As I write this, I smell the beautiful peonies Simon gave me on our anniversary, wafting. The fragrance is sweet. Gorgeous. 

As are we. Again. That sounds odd right? I'll explain... 

Hubby and I have been swamped by a rotten tummy bug this last few days. Not very rock'n'roll, especially as we had to cancel our anniversary babysitter, and, the sun decided to finally shine in earnest. Brilliantly, we are both back to best now and smelling sweet like peonies!

Even though feeling crappy, I still managed to fulfil my rota blog on behalf of Emma Day - wow the hop was a hit, with lots of new visitors as a consequence, (cheers Emma!) Visitors from the blogging community that I typed about earlier on in my post for her. 

On reflection, I've concluded I like it here; blogsphere. It is clearly a nice place to be for me, a woman at home with two small children. I have friends, we all get out with the kids, (we all get stuck in with the kids), but writing... it has always been my pleasure, and sharing it is great. It's cathartic too. God knows I need to vent, to blow through the emotional stuff especially; 
SOFIA IS CONCUSSED 1,2&3, a classic example! 

I'd like to write more though. My kids book has been sat on the back burner since Fia's pneumonia. I'd also like to read more: I missed my book club this month, although I'm determined to finish the brilliant Picoult's Storyteller with or without a living room forum to discuss it. How moving is the story and her writing. I particularly love the line: Her voice was caught in the shell of my ear, as if it was the ocean. Now that's poetry.

Poetry... And back to that blogging spirit. It can be best explained by asking readers to link through to this cleverly designed (and flattering) post written by Helen Braid on her blog All at Sea. Oh and do enjoy her other poetry too - it is stunning. 


All At Sea said...

3 cheers for that Emma! I love blogging and I love the community which surrounds it. A brave new world for the writer in all of us... Thank you so much for linking to my blog. And I'm so glad you are feeling well again... Happy (belated) Anniversary!

Emma Oliver said...

I wanted to share your poetry with my family and friends! ;-) Love today's effort - aren't bluebells evocative enough, without being by the seaside? You lucky thing! Thanks for the well wishes. It has been a bit crap. A lot crap. Onwards and upwards!